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S3_Ep13_Your DFW Market Update (Whitney Pryor & Chelsi Frazier)

Tuesday August 2, 2022

If you're watching any news station, reading through your daily news apps, or scrolling through social media, you are likely to find a common theme everyone is talking about.. the state of our current housing market. What you'll also find is a variety of viewpoints and opinions, so how do you sift through all the information to find the facts? On today's episode we bring you statistics and facts we've gathered from Market Experts in the DFW area. Chelsi and Whitney discuss expert findings from the 2022 Dallas Market Report and statistics that tell us why DFW is still a strong market and a great place to call home!

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S3_Ep12_We're Back to Doing Build Jobs! (Whitney Pryor & Chelsi Frazier)

Tuesday July 26, 2022

After a long hiatus of offering build jobs in our communities, we couldn't be happier to announce.. we're back, and better than ever! If you're ready to start the process of building from the ground up - choosing your lot, floor plan, upgrades, and the design selections to create your dream home - today's episode is for you! Whitney and Chelsi give our listeners an update on where we have available lots to build on, what these communities have to offer, and what you can expect through our new and improved building process.

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S3_Ep11_Up Your IQ on Today's Interest Rates (Danny Tutt with Trinity Oaks Mortgage)

Friday July 8, 2022

On today's episode of the Welcome Home Podcast we're diving into the big topic: INTEREST RATES! Whether you've been a home owner for awhile or you're looking to buy for the first time, there's a lot of questions and concern you might have about the current housing marketing, cost inflation, and rising interest rates. To put your mind at ease, we go straight to the source and bring in the mortgage expert, Danny Tutt, Branch Manager for Trinity Oaks Mortgage. From qualifying for a new home loan, to refinancing and best budgeting practices, Danny offers great advice on how to navigate the current housing market, and also talks about what Trinity Oaks Mortgage is offering to their customers to get them the lowest mortgage rate possible.

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S3_Ep10_Destination Home Series: Projects After Move-in (Whitney Pryor & Chelsi Frazier)

Friday June 24, 2022

You're on the new home search and you've found a move-in ready home with a functional floor plan, perfect backyard space, and a great location. There's just one problem.. it doesn't quite feel like "Home" to you yet. On today's episode, Whitney and Chelsi discuss creative and inexpensive ways to add your own personal touch to a move-in ready home. Whether it be exterior or interior projects, there's so much you can do in your new home to create a space that feels special to you and your family.

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S3_Ep9_What's Ahead for JH Reach in 2022 (Megan Gaither and Melody Holmes)

Monday June 6, 2022

At the core of who we are as a company is our mission to help people find their way Home. Not only through building houses, but by reaching people for Christ and giving to the Kingdom. A vital piece of how we fulfill this is our company ministry branch, JH Reach. Today we hear from our very own JH Reach team, Megan Gaither and Melody Holmes, about various outreaches and initiatives JH Reach has been apart of this year, and how it's impacting our communities both locally and globally. Find out how you can be apart of this impact by partnering with JH Reach to reach people in your very own community.

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S3_Ep8_Destination Home Series: Home Organization Gurus (Erika Seamayer-Williamson & Ginny Baker)

Monday May 16, 2022

No matter what stage of life you are in, or where you live, your home should be your sanctuary; a destination you want to retreat to over and over again. This episode of the Welcome Home podcast is for everyone who has big dreams to turn their home into a relaxing oasis, but isn't quite sure where to begin. We bring in home organization experts, Erika and Ginny from The Girl For That, to give answers and tips on how to organize a space and create the home oasis you've always dreamed of. Whether it's a functional home office or an organized play room for the kiddos, home organization is a great place to start!

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Planning a Pool? Consider These Factors Before Diving In.

Friday May 13, 2022
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Hayes Crossing in Midlothian - Now Selling!

Tuesday May 10, 2022
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S3_Ep7_Destination Home Series: How Their Wild Ride Landed Them in Waco (with Happy Homeowners Paul & Cinnamon Wolfe)

Monday May 2, 2022

here are many roads to becoming a Happy Homeowner and we are so excited to share this couples' journey of becoming one with John Houston Homes! Our episode guests, Paul and Cinnamon Wolfe, share their adventure of visiting the Waco area, finding the perfect community to build in, and the experience they've had through the home building process. From a community that had everything they wanted, to navigating supply shortages, and the strong relationships they built with their sales and construction team, they share it all! If you have dreams about building your perfect home, but have a lot questions about what that process looks like, the Wolfe Family's story is exactly what you need to hear!

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S3_Ep6_Outdoor Living Series: Is My Lot Big Enough for a Pool? (Justin Bright with Bright Pools)

Friday April 22, 2022

As the Texas heat ramps up and outdoor living is in full swing, we are all dreaming of that first dip into a refreshing pool! If you're a new homeowner or starting the process of buying a home, you've probably thought about the big question - Is my lot big enough for a pool?? On this episode, owner of Bright Pools, Justin Bright, joins us to answer common questions like how much square footage is actually needed for a backyard pool and breaks down the different criteria a lot has to meet in order for a pool to be installed.

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S3_Ep5_Outdoor Living Series: Why are Gutters Important (Michael Rich with M&M Gutters)

Monday April 4, 2022

There's a lot to choose from when it comes to selecting upgrades and features for your new home. Picking out the "fun" features like engineered wood floors or that kitchen back splash you've been drooling over can take center stage, but what about the not-so-fun selections like gutters?! They may not be glamorous, but could be essential to protecting the foundation of your home, and on this episode we bring in the expert to tell you why. Michael Rich, owner of M&M Gutters, walks us through the importance of having gutters, how to maintain them and its many benefits, especially in this rainy spring season. If you're on the fence about adding gutters to your home and want to learn more, this is the episode for you!

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S3_Ep4_Outdoor Living Series: Ideas for Any Yard Size from Ellis County Master Gardner Association (Pam Daniel & Scott Rigsby)

Tuesday March 29, 2022

For many homeowners who aren't gifted with the green thumb, the task of gardening and landscaping in their own yard can seem pretty intimidating. Where do you even start?? What landscaping options do you have and what kind of maintenance does it require? We bring in the gardening experts from Ellis County Master Gardner's Association, Pam and Scott, to share their vast knowledge on gardening and how to make the most of your landscape whether you have a small or large lot. They also talk about the many ways Master Gardner's contributes to the community, volunteer opportunities, and the 2022 Lawn and Garden Expo happening this Saturday!

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S3_Ep3_Outdoor Living Series: Landscape & Watering 101 (Eric Savins with Garden Design Landscaping)

Tuesday March 8, 2022

Everyone's Home building or buying journey looks a little different, and at John Houston Homes, we want to provide the perfect home for our customers no matter what stage of life they're in or the timeline they have to get into a new home. On this episode, we share everything you need to know about our Inventory homes and why a Move-In Ready home might be the right choice for you. Whether you're relocating for a Job, want to be in a different school district, or simply don't want to go through the process of building from the ground up, we believe one of our Inventory homes is a great option that can meet all of your needs and more!

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S3_Ep2_Is an Inventory Home Your Best Option? (Whitney Pryor & Chelsi Frazier)

Monday February 21, 2022

Everyone's Home building or buying journey looks a little different, and at John Houston Homes, we want to provide the perfect home for our customers no matter what stage of life they're in or the timeline they have to get into a new home. On this episode, we share everything you need to know about our Inventory homes and why a Move-In Ready home might be the right choice for you. Whether you're relocating for a Job, want to be in a different school district, or simply don't want to go through the process of building from the ground up, we believe one of our Inventory homes is a great option that can meet all of your needs and more!

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S3_Ep1_2021 Year in Review & 2022 Forecast (John Houston & Terry Trayvick)

Thursday February 10, 2022

We're back with the first episode of Season 3, and we are kicking it off with another great talk with CEO and Founder, John Houston, and Terry Trayvick, Chief Strategy Officer! Listen in as they talk about what we have learned over the past 2 years, what obstacles we have faced and navigated through, and of course what is ahead for John Houston Homes and the JH Family of Companies.

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S2_Ep24_It was Life Changing! (with Homeowners Ricky & Shalonda Thompson)

Wednesday December 22, 2021

When beginning the search for a new home, our customers are looking for more than just the perfect elevation, floor plan, or community to live in. They are also looking for the perfect Sales Manager that will listen to their needs and guide them every step of the way to finding the home of their dreams. On this episode, we bring in the two more happy homeowners, the Thompson family, to tell us all about their John Houston Homes experience. They share with us about the ultimate customer care they received from the sales managers and loan officers, and how that played an integral part in helping them find their way home.. not just once, but twice!

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S2_Ep23_They Went to Jared! (with Homeowners Terris & Latoshia Carter)

Tuesday December 7, 2021

On this episode, we dive into the real and raw truths of what the home buying journey can look like with John Houston homeowners, Terris and Latoshia Carter. For some it can be a quick and seamless process filled with joy and excitement, from that first meeting with a sales manager to the day they are handed the sacred keys. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case for everyone, and Terris and Latoshia prove that as they share the highs and lows of their experience and the journey that brought them to be happy homeowners today. If you are in process of buying or building a new home or about to begin your journey to home ownership, this episode is for you!

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S2_Ep22_Building with Functionality (Whitney Pryor & Chelsi Frazier)

Friday November 19, 2021

As a first time homebuyer or builder, it can be very easy to get whisked away in the euphoria of it all, and as a result, a few important details can be missed.. Including a big one; Functionality! That's why we bring you today's episode to discuss key components of a functional home, like adding USB plugs to your outlets or built-in spice racks in your kitchen cabinets. There are small upgrades that can be added to make life a whole lot easier as well as boost the resale value of your home, so listen in and take some notes to bring to your next design studio appointment.

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S2 Ep21_The Smart Move Experience (Danny Tutt)

Tuesday November 2, 2021

So you found a home builder.. but what about all the other parts?? What title company do you choose? Who will be your mortgage lender? When you begin the journey of home ownership, there's already so much to coordinate and think about. As a Family of Companies, we have a solution to this! On this episode, we bring in long-time employee of the JH Family of Companies, Danny Tutt, to introduce the Smart Move Experience. Listen in as Danny shares how working with the JH Family of Companies creates a seamless process from start to finish and provides peace of mind to you as a new homeowner, from home financing all the way to closing.

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S2 Ep20_The Secret Behind How JH Homes Streamlines Your New Home Vendors (OT Posadas)

Monday October 18, 2021

Today we take you behind the scenes of the John Houston Homes building process. A lot of moving parts and people work together to make a home happen, and it certainly wouldn't be possible without the vendors we partner with; from concrete and landscaping to plumbing and countertops, the list is long. On this episode, our very own Director of Purchasing, OT Posadas, reveals how John Houston Homes continues to maintain great relationships with our vendors, even through the challenges of the industry, and what that process of working with our trade partners looks like to make your dream home a reality.

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