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Ep. 14_Rent vs. Buy? How to decide with Matt Bassett

Friday November 20, 2020

Hear from mortgage loan officer Matt Bassett while he describes the difference between renting and buying when it comes to the financial side of purchasing a home. Learn about different loan programs to help first time buyers and how buying a home can help you with future home purchases.

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Ep. 13_In the People Business: The Ministry Behind JH Family of Companies with Bobby Parks

Thursday November 5, 2020

When you dream of your future home and all of its unique details that make it your own, do you find yourself wondering how others could possibly be able to capture your same vision? On this episode of the Welcome Home Podcast, you'll get to hear from two of our very own John Houston Custom Homes Sales Managers who have truly mastered the art of customizations. Rob Poole and Thao Loh share their experiences and knowledge of working with clients to ensure their custom dreams come to life.

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