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Ep. 13_In the People Business: The Ministry Behind JH Family of Companies with Bobby Parks

Thursday November 5, 2020

Ep. 13: The Ministry Behind JH Family of Companies with Bobby Parks

At John Houston Custom Homes it's not just about building houses. It's also about building life-long relationships. There's no better person to speak on this than Bobby Parks, the Chief Ministry Officer for the JH Family of Companies. In this episode, Bobby provides an inside look at the companies ministry branch, JH Reach, and shares about the ministry outreach opportunities it provides to people in our communities and around the world.


Ep. 13_Bobby Parks

Intro: [00:00:03] Welcome home, a podcast brought to you by John Houston Custom Homes. Join hosts, Chelsi Frazier and Whitney Pryor, as they walk you through the exciting adventure of your home buying and building journey.

Whitney: [00:00:18] Hey listeners, thank you for joining us on another episode of the Welcome Home Podcast. This is Whitney, and I'm here with our host, Chelsi Frazier. Hi, Chelsi, how are you doing?

Chelsi: [00:00:30] Hi, I'm great. I'm really excited. I know I say that every time, but I think we've all really been looking forward to today's topic.

Whitney: [00:00:37] Yes, we're going to go off the topic of home building to discuss something that's a little more near and dear to this company's heart ,all of our hearts. Why don't you tell us who's joining us today?

Chelsi: [00:00:51] Today we are joined by Bobby Parks. He is the Chief Ministry Officer for the JH family of companies. we're going to talk to Bobby about JH Reach, which is the ministry arm of the Family of Companies. In this podcast, we've primarily talked about John Houston Custom Homes. I wanted to just preface this with an explanation on what we mean when we say Family of Companies. John Houston Custom Homes is 1 of 6 companies within the parent brand of JH Family of Companies and JH Reach is also a part of that, so kind of just a little semantics and who goes where. Welcome to the show Bobby, we are so glad to have you.

Bobby: [00:01:29] Thanks, Chelsi and Whitney. I love being with you. I love the great work that you guys do. It's an honor to partner with you every day and excited to be on the podcast.

Whitney: [00:01:37] I'm definitely excited to hear from you today. Bobby, can you explain to us what a Chief Ministry Officer is, because I don't think a lot of companies have that, and if they do, then they're blessed. It's an amazing position to have in a company. Can you kind of go into what what you do?

Bobby: [00:01:55] Yeah, I wish there were a lot more so I could read their job descriptions. We have a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer at our company and they are incredible, but not many people have heard of a Chief Ministry Officer, including myself, before I got here. It just goes to speak of the founders of our companies, John and Tracey Houston and their heart, to love not just people around the world, not just their community, but their employees. I joke with people. I'm not the Pope of the company. Everyone's prayers don't need to come through me to God, but at the same time, I'm someone there that wants to show our employees that we really do care. It's more than just a Mission Statement up on a wall. It's more than just Core Values that we recite when we get together. We really are a place that's not perfect, but we care. We care for our employees. We care for our community. We care for people around the world that we get an opportunity to partner with. I kind of help with all of our ministry outreaches to our employees, our community and people around the world.

Chelsi: [00:03:01] What a cool job.

Bobby: [00:03:02] It is fun. It's fun, it's challenging and stretching sometimes. I came from maybe a more traditional ministry setting. I used to direct missions and outreach at a Christian University out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I've been in Pastoral roles. There's not many people out there that kind of have this ministry role from a business, but it is incredible. If you think about it, the majority of people out there are not in church throughout the week. They're not going on missions trips. They're not serving in a vocational ministry capacity. They have an everyday job. They're normal people. How do we help them know, hey, you are just as important, you're just as special, and you even can be a part of something bigger than yourself every day in your workplace. It's fun that we get to be a part of that.

Chelsi: [00:03:52] I remember when I first came to work here. It was a little bit of a learning curve of, what is this and asking all of these questions. We have a lot to talk about today, but I just want to emphasize on that by saying that I think the majority of us in life, have to work. We all have to work. The fact that you can work somewhere where what you do daily makes a difference on a larger scale, is really fulfilling. We can't do missions work 3 out of the 7 days of the week, majority of the year, but the things that you do in your office, the decisions you make with your team, are making an impact. Like you were saying, we feel it on that level as well. Okay, let's get into it. I think we have a lot to talk about today, but I think we just start with what is JH Reach and how did that kind of come about?

Bobby: [00:04:50] Sure, as you clarified in the beginning, JH Reach is our specific ministry department of the Family of Companies. We tell our employees all the time, everything we do is ministry. We don't want our employees to feel like, oh, that's the JH Reach Department. They're going to love people and serve people. Everyone that works in our companies knows that's all of our jobs. It's our job to love and serve our customers, each other, our business partners and those in the community. JH Reach, we kind of just help to make sure, is there strategy behind what we're doing to reach others? Are there outcomes that we can measure? Are we actually doing a good job? What are those opportunities we're creating to make sure that we're intentional to minister to our employees, minister our community and minister people around the world. It really came from, as we said, John and Tracy, the founder's heart. They started these Family of Companies, more than 15 years ago, with a heart to, Reach People for Christ and give to the Kingdom. They've never strayed from that. The companies have grown, some have taken a different direction, but they never once have strayed from that founding purpose statement. They mean it, all the way from the first 2 houses that they sold. One, they gave away the profits. The second one, they wound up letting a family get out of a contract that normally other people wouldn't do. Ever since then, that's been their purpose, their mission. People that have come and been a part of our companies, whether it's been communities that we worked and served in, where they are loving the customers to now, where we are giving a lot of money away, but with very specific purposes and strategy. Our employees can go on what we call our JH Reach Trips, kind of like missions trips, where they get to see the work that they're a part of every day and how that's making an impact. Whether it's in another country or just like last week, we just came back from Tulsa, Oklahoma, building a what we call a hope field to spread hope through soccer, through one of our partners there. Our employees get to not just hear about it, but they get to see it. JH Reach really just helps engage our employees with our purpose and mission. It's often said, "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." For us, we could tell them all day long, guys, you're helping to make an impact to people all over the world. You can give to this and we'll match it or you can go serve with us. Al lot of our employees, that's their heart, but some of them want to know, are they really real? Do they really care about me or is this just something that they say and they just want to help others? It's often times those employees, when they're going through something difficult, when they go through a challenge, they see it's not just the department, but it's the people that really do wrap their arms around them, that really are there for them. My first couple of months here on the job, we had one of our employees whose 3 year old daughter was dying of cancer. I was touched by this family. They taught me so much. I wasn't a dad at the time and now I am. I still think about the ways that they loved their daughter and it's impact to me. I was also touched by our employees, the ways that they were loving. Even our Founders and our Executive Team, the ways that they were caring for this family, so it helped me. I did the funeral for their daughter. I don't know that I would have felt the confidence. I knew that God was with me and with them, but seeing the way that this company wrapped their arms around that family, it helped assure me that I was in the right place, as well. That this is not a perfect place, but this is a place where people can really find hope. They can be a part of a family. I think everyone in life, they want to be a part of 2 things: they want to believe and they want to belong. People want to believe in something bigger than themselves. Some people don't know where they're putting their hope. It could be your team, I believe this is the year we're going to win! I believe that everyone does. They want to believe that there's something bigger, there's something greater and there's a greater purpose. People want to belong. They want to know that they're accepted, that they're loved, that they're valued. Our Family of Companies, we don't always get all of that perfect. but this is a place where people can believe and they can belong.

Whitney: [00:08:49] Absolutely. I'll never forget the first All-staff I went to. All-staff is where we get the whole company together twice a month and we have a meeting. It's not usually about work. It's usually just about John's heart and where he's coming from. The first one that he spoke at, he said, "I don't consider myself a home builder." That just really stuck with me, that his heart, he doesn't consider himself a business owner, really. He considers himself a servant. That is just his heart. This isn't a business that happens to be faith based. It was born out of being faith based. Our whole mission is to reach people. We happened to build homes and that's why, because we get to touch so many people in that process.

Bobby: [00:09:41] I think all of us that work here are constantly reminded, that we're not in the home building business and we're not in the the mortgage business. We're in the people business.

Whitney: [00:09:50] That's right.

Bobby: [00:09:50] It's always about people. I love that from our founders all the way down to anyone that works our company. We have that reminder, let's do right by people, let's love them well, that serve them well, let's reach them and let's help spread some hope to them. It's awesome that we get to be a part of a company that really believes that and has opportunities for us to do that every day.

Chelsi: [00:10:08] Well, speaking of opportunities, can we talk about just a few of the trips or the missions that the companies have gone on?

Bobby: [00:10:19] We have many opportunities for employees to get involved locally. We believe in serving people in our own backyard where we work, serve and live. A lot of our employees are involved. They're a mentor through Mentors Care in several different cities around, where they're helping with other afterschool programs. We believe in getting engaged, serving the homeless population or those that don't have access to affordable housing or tutoring, whether that's just us helping other nonprofits collaborate together for the good of our city. We've been involved with a lot of great initiatives here in our backyard. For me, being a missions guy before I came here, that was one of the things that drew me here ,as well. A Family of Companies, a group of businesses that send their employees on missions trips to other countries. That was something I did. I was sending out 50 teams a year, but then to come here and get to be a part of other employees that everyday, they might be an architect, work in sales, work in accounting, work in H.R., but then get to go in with their own hands, their own eyes and get to go see what they're part of every day. They get to go see how kids lives are impacted around the world. They get to see how a woman who is cooking with fire in her home but was getting smoke inhalation. One of our partners, Enlace, that builds eco stoves where now it's helping them in a very practical way. Their family and their kids will be able to cook cleaner, provide clean water to them or build a bridge. Now they can walk safely to school. We've even helped build schools and soccer fields. It's one thing for our employees to hear about that. When they get to be a part of the experience, get to sweat, work hard and learn from another culture and learn another language and just the beautiful things that happen, that divine exchange. You go to serve, you go to give, you think I'm the one, but then you come back learning so much more. It is so rich. For employees that not only get to hear about, but then get to go. I know their lives are forever impacted as well. That helps us when we come back here every day doing our jobs. It's not just about the house. Yes, we're going to love that customer across from us, but it's also about our partners around the world, that we know every day that are getting impacted by the work we do.

Whitney: [00:12:36] Can you tell us about the different partners we work with around the world?

Bobby: [00:12:40] Yes, we've got some amazing partners, people that we we consider part of our family. They may not be a business partner, so to speak, but we consider every day that what we do, we know that we're connected to them. One Hope, in particular, is one of our largest missions partners. If you don't know much about One Hope, they're definitely one of our favorite organizations. They're brilliant. Everything they do research base and outcome base. They work in over 100+ countries around the world and they provide God's word to every child. John and Tracey, our founders, as well as many of us in our company, are really passionate about God's Word. We believe that God's Word holds truth. We believe that if people know the truth, it will set them free. There's a lot of people around the world that don't have access to know the good news, the gospel. That there's a God who loves them, there's a God who's for them, especially youth. There's a lot of data and research that goes behind kids from the age 4 to 14. If they get access to that hope, if they understand their value, their worth, their identity at that young age, it helps set the trajectory for the rest of their lives. One Hope focuses in that age range and they partner with some beautiful, amazing people all around the world. Our employees get to take some trips, whether it be Costa Rica or Guatemala. We've been to Cuba with them, there and 100+countries. Our employees get to go see some of the curriculum that they developed that's brilliant. They'll also partner with people like John Maxwell and other researchers, to make sure that the content is not just contextualized to their language, but also to some of the greatest needs that they're facing in that community and in that region of the world. Our employees get to know that every day. One Hope has an incredible model. For every $1.00 you give, you know that you're impacting 3 kids around the world with God's word. Our employees know, that every dollar that we give, that's 3 kids that can get access to God's word. Then they get to go see it in those countries and see how beautiful it is when we get to show up in a village or in a school or in that community, and see those kids that now have the hope of the gospel. That's definitely one of our favorites, one of our largest partners. Enlace, I referenced as well. They work in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nepal. They do a lot of brilliant community development and community transformation work. They're meeting very practical needs in their community and empowering the church to work with other leaders. Our employees will get to help go build a home for a single mom there or that they'll get to build an eco stove or sometimes even latrines in those areas. It's beautiful because they get to partner alongside them and see the impact that happens. One Hope and Enlace, are two of our largest international partners. We have many more that are doing incredible work all around the world. We tell our employees that we're going to serve people around the world, but we're definitely going to reach people in our own backyard, so are most of our partners are right here in the DFW area.

Chelsi: [00:15:39] That's a great segue into the Leader Summit, something locally that's happening. Can you tell us a little bit about that or a lot about that?

Bobby: [00:15:47] There's a lot that we could share about that. first of all, I just want to say we believe in collaboration. We're a business and a group of businesses, but we can't reach our community by ourselves. We need to partner with local churches, partner with the schools, partner with other friends of ours in government and hospitals. The beautiful thing about the Leaders Summit is, it's a collaborative effort of many different organizations coming together, particularly with this event. We partner with the Waxahachie Chamber, as well as, 15 leaders in our community from government education and other business nonprofit leaders that are all coming together say, "how can we come together for the good of our community?" Let's put our names aside and bring people together. We want to see our community transform. From a business side, we care about our community and we know that we have a responsibility to play. A part of that is, we want to help at risk youth. We want to help the homeless. We want to help those who are in need, but part of the way that that happens, is by changing leaders hearts. We've been a part of a curriculum with the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation. It's a free curriculum for people. Our community, in fact, our employees have gone through it as well. We've been the beta pilot test for the last 3 years. They're actually taking this model that we've piloted here in Ellis County to other cities across the U.S. This Leader Summit, is kind of the culmination of all these leaders coming together. Our community saying, "hey, we want to get better, we want to grow." When a leader gets better, everyone gets better. How do we add value to leaders in our community to help them to grow and transform? This curriculum is free that they can take to their organization in their community. You can do it at home. It's called the transformative leadership tables. It's a roundtable environment that go through very simple values. I know all of us that go through, I'm like, "Oh man, attitude, I thought I thought I learned that already." Every time I go through, I think I'm a 5 on a scale 10. Very simple values that all of us as leaders can grow in. If a leader's heart is transformed now, that could be a catalyst for community transformation. Get leaders together talking about how they want to grow. Then we say," how can we transform our community together?" That Leaders Summit is that culmination of everyone coming together. Dr. John Maxwell is coming out this year. We have Michael Jr., the comedian, brilliant, incredible leaders that have been leading all different ways. How can people lead during these divisive and chaotic times? How can we lead to hope? How can we lead to unity? How can we lead to transformation? We're passionate about that as a Family of Companies. We need to lead the way, but we can't do it alone. We need to collaborate with other great people in our community. That event, it is the 3rd year we've done it. It is our favorite event of the year because we get to add value to the leaders, but we get to grow along with them and we get to link arms. I say, "man, let's make our community better together."

Whitney: [00:18:37] I can personally attest to it. We've gone through the roundtables at John Houston Custom Homes. All of our employees have. Just our group alone, many tears shed and lots of insight. Like you said, it's simple things like attitude, listening, integrity, all these things that we think we learned as a child and turns out that maybe we need to work on that as a person. Even if you think you're good at it, there's always room for improvement. It's really taking time out of your day, stop whatever your daily work is, and really think about you as a person and how you can get better just by taking small steps every day. I think that it's definitely impacted our team. I've even seen it in the Waxahachie Community. I live in Waxahachie, my daughter goes to school there. Many of the people that I face, the schools, government and Chamber of Commerce, they are all doing this Leader Summit. I see the impact in the community, the attitude is really about, how can we help you thrive as a business, as a person, as a child, as a school? What can we do to lift you up? I just love seeing that transformation.

Bobby: [00:19:58] It takes a village to raise a child. We know that we're in this community not just to build homes, not just to sell loans, but we really believe we're here to transform , but we have to do it together. We have to walk in relationship. Right now, we're living in times where it seems difficult. It seems difficult to partner with others. What if they have a different view or their voting this way and I vote that way or they see this. That's why we're passionate about bringing leaders together, to unite them around similar values. We all can say, "you know what, listening is a good thing." I think if I could lead in that way, we can all agree upon that common language. We can then form a common agenda and say, "how do we use what we're learning together here to impact those that need it most in our community?"

Chelsi: [00:20:49] It's great! That event for this year is actually coming up in a couple of days. We'll put some information in the show notes to link back to that and other resources that are available.

Bobby: [00:21:00] If anyone is interested in taking some of those values, the transformative leadership values to their organization, their home, their neighborhood or do it with some friends, they can go to and reach out to us. We'll get them all the information. At, is the list of those values and watch the videos from Dr. Maxwell.

Chelsi: [00:21:25] That's great, thank you! Lets talk a little bit about Marketplace Ministry. Will you tell us about that?

Bobby: [00:21:32] Sure, when we talk about Marketplace Ministry, we simply believe that anyone who is a Christ follower and anyone who believes that Jesus is the son of God that loves and his gospels for all, we believe that everyone has the same great commission to make disciples. We believe that everyone that follows Jesus has the same mandate and they can spread this hope to others. You don't have to be a pastor. You don't have to be a missionary or someone with a title in ministry. There's no 1st, 2nd or 3rd tier Christians in God's kingdom. All of us are at the same level. We've all been gifted the same Holy Spirit. There are different gifts that people have. Some people preach, some people teach, but everyone can serve, everyone can love and everyone can share that hope. For us, we believe that our Family of Companies, our businesses, are simply ministries. It's a way for us to reach our customers, our trades and those that we do business with. We're going to love everyone. We accept everyone. We're equal employment opportunity place. We have many of our employees that may not call themselves Christ followers. We say, "man that's awesome. We love you anyway. You're welcome here. You're accepted here." We also talk a lot about that this is the purpose of our companies. We want to reach people for Christ. We believe that this is the greatest hope of the world. This is the answer that people are looking for. We want to help equip our employees to do that every day. John talks about in our home building company, we have 60 touch points for every 1 home that we build. That's as many as 10 potential customers that come off the street to look at that 1 home before we actually close the deal. Dozens of those trades that are working on the home from concrete to framing, the plumbers, electricians, drywall, painting, you name it, there are so many people that our employees get an opportunity to interact with, all the way to when you close the home, working with the bankers/title company. We see our business as an opportunity for ministry. The greatest ministry that we have, is not just to our community. It's not just to our customers or trades, it's to our employees. We know if we don't value our employees well, if we don't love them well, if we're not trying to pour into them and take care of their family, then we're missing our mission there. We can't mobilize people to go reach others if we're not also loving them first. For us, it's the "SEAM approach", is what we talk about: Strengthen, Equip, Activate and Multiply. Just like your jeans have a seam hold that cloth together. It's one thing to talk about a business's mission statement. We all know that there's a lot of businesses that might put a Jesus sticker somewhere on there or a fish, and call themselves a Christian business and God bless them. It's one thing to actually seam your mission statement and what you do every day- your operations and business. Again, we are not perfect, but that is something that we do strive to do every day. How do we seam that together? How do we make sure it's not just something on the wall, a statement, but it's what we do every day, that seam. We strengthen our employees and we want to equip them. We actually provide training, tools and discipleship curriculum. All of our employees have access to a tool that is called Right Now Media. It's got incredible content for marriages, for finances and for kids. Our kids watch it. It helps them not just stop crying, but it actually teaches them so healthy character and values. Then ,all the way up to, if employees want, there's Bible lessons on there too, if they want to keep going further down the rabbit hole. If they just want to learn about business leadership, it's all biblically based. For us, we need to equip our employees, but then we want to activate them. That's why it's important for us to give them opportunities to give. It's not just the company gives. You can be a part of this mission as well. We can all be generous. You may not give as much as John and Tracy, but all of us can do something to be a part of that purpose, to give to the kingdom and then you can serve with your gifts. You can do an outreach, you can serve others or you can go on a missions trip with us. This multiply part for us, we've really in the last couple of years realized that there's a lot of other business leaders that want to learn how John and Tracy have done it. What we're doing in our Family of Companies? How can I do what you guys are doing? For us, we don't want to just hold it in and say, "well, this is our secret sauce. "We're open handed, this is Kingdom. We want to be generous. We'll teach you whatever we've learned. We still have a lot to learn and we're learning from others as well. We believe in teaching and training other business leaders, other people in the marketplace, how to do what we've done, how to love your employees well, how to serve them, strengthen them, equip them and how to activate them.

Bobby: [00:26:10] They can be a part of the great commission to reach others. How to serve your community well, how to collaborate with others, whether they're in government, other businesses or nonprofits. If you really want to impact your community, you can't do it alone. You need to work with others. We share with them. In fact, we invite others to come to this event that we're doing. We say, "hey, you want to come see how we do it? Come to this event and stay after the next day. We'll teach you a little bit of our behind the scenes. We'll pull back the veil a little bit and show you some of our strategy. How do we do that around the world as well? We've taken some of the principles that we do here in the DFW area and we've gone Albania, Kenya, Croatia, in fact, Cuba, a communist nation. A lot of the believers there are hungry to know how do we do this, not just through the church, but how do we do this now through business? There are opportunities that are starting to open up. For some of them, it's just a mind shift change. For so many people, they hear pastors or missionaries say, "hey, your job in the business world is to make money and give it to us. We can go do the work of the ministry." Whereas, God has blessed business people to be able to help fund works of ministry around the world. We do that as well. We believe we're blessed to be a blessing. We also want to say, that is not the sole job of people in business, to just make money and give it to others. Their first and primary role is to make disciples. It's that great commission. How do they feel empowered and equip every day in their workplace to go, "what does it look like for me in my sphere of influence to reach others, to spread hope to others and to share the good news that I have now?" We may not get a megaphone or a microphone and just preach at people, that's not always the best way to do it. There's definitely ways that you can embody the gospel and the good news in your workplace. That's where the majority of people are, there in the marketplace. They're not inside the 4 walls of a church on Sunday. How do we reach them? How do we empower and equip other people to do that through their marketplace setting?

Chelsi: [00:28:03] That's great. That's powerful. It reminds me of something that we hear a lot, to put God first, family second and then everything else falls into place. I think it's important for people to know. Whitney and I are employees, so what Bobby is talking about are things that are resources to us. I think you're exactly right. We have so much feeding into us, but there's also the opportunity to put it into practice by taking an hour out of your day every week to get together to do this roundtable or having access to this media library of resources from Right Now Media. There are so many things.

Bobby: [00:28:43] I'll say this, we talk about our company. We've got opportunities for employees to be equipped or to engage with, serve on outreaches or go on a trip. If we don't value our employees and they don't know that, it's really difficult for them to go and impact others. That's why our core values are so integral and important to who we are. What you value determines what you do. For us, those statements of Generous Love, Second Mile Service, Honest Communication and Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, they are not just things on the wall, and our employees know that. We don't just reward on that and measure that, which we do, but we really try to live that out. That's kind of our gauge of, okay, we say this is who we want to be. We say this is what we do. How are we actually living that out? Having those core values of Generous Love and leading with that, is the metric, that's the mark. We've got goals to hit and everyone that works in our company knows, we still have to do good business. We still have to operate at a high level and pursue excellence. Now, let's go reach our partners same way, let's go share that with our community. It's a way for us to put some language behind all of our employees. They may not all read their Bibles or believe everything that our founders do, but everyone can walk in Generous Love. Everyone can walk in Second Mile Service. Everyone can walk in that Honest Communication. That's what enables us to put our money where our mouth is. It's our values and our culture that should line up with our purpose.

Whitney: [00:30:13] Bobby, you mentioned earlier about multiplying our effects and what we do here. Can you touch on some other ways that you guys are doing that?

Bobby: [00:30:23] Yeah, you know, as we talked about before, not only are we teaching people around the world through different conference events, partnered with other ministries, we're reaching out here in our own community. Our founder, John Houston, he has a story to tell and we believe it's a God story. If you guys know John, he's not one that likes to talk about himself or put attention to himself. He really felt that God was leading him to write the story, the God story of his life, him and Tracy, and not just why they founded the companies or how they started, but even their God story of the hope that he's found in Christ. He has a book that's coming out. We're real excited. The book will be coming out in 2021. You can find more information about it at We're excited that book's coming out. John's going to start sharing his story more and stepping out of his comfort zone. If you know John, he'll tell people, doing business, that's my ministry, you know? By loving people where they're at through a relationship with him. John's really comfortable that way. God's blessed him to help build some really successful businesses that are reaching people. Now, he's stepping into a new phase where he's going to tell a little bit more of that story outside of our companies and outside of our community. It's going to start with the book, then he's going to share more of that at different events as well. Stay tuned,! You'll get to be one of the first to hear about his book coming out.

Chelsi: [00:31:47] Bobby, thank you so much for coming on the show today. I just want to wrap it up with you telling us some of those resources that people can go to, we'll also put them in our show notes. If you can just spout some of those off for us.

Bobby: [00:31:59] Yeah. If anyone's interested to get involved with transformative leadership and they want to take that value based curriculum to their organization, they could go to . They can sign up right there to be a facilitator or to take that information to their community. If you want to learn more about what we do with JH Reach, our ministry opportunities to our employees or community and people around the world go to We even have a tab on there that says Marketplace Ministry. There's a lot of resources, a lot of friends of mine and other people that are in the similar space that we learn from and collaborate with. There's a whole list on the website of things you can peruse and learn more.

Whitney: [00:32:40] Thank you so much for joining us today, Bobby It was really good to hear all of the different things that we do. We know that we do them every day, but it's good for everyone else, I think, to see what our company is about and how we live life every day within this company.

Bobby: [00:32:56] Thanks so much for having me, Whitney and Chelsi. It's a joy. These two right here, are some of the biggest supporters to JH Reach. They don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They give and they serve. Thank you for being incredible examples and models of what it looks like to reach people for Christ and give to the Kingdom through the workplace.

Chelsi: [00:33:14] It's our honor, thank you.

Whitney: [00:33:17] That wraps up this episode of the Welcome Home Podcast. If you want to learn more about what Bobby talked about today, you can visit our show notes where we will have all of those different resources listed out for you to get more information on. If you'd like more information about our company as a whole, you can visit or give us a call at 866.646.6008. We will be happy to help you with some of those resources or answer any questions that you have.

Whitney: [00:33:49] Thanks again for listening to this episode. We look forward to having you back next time!

Chelsi and Whitney: [00:33:55] Welcome Home.


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