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S2 Ep6_New Communities Coming Soon in Midlothian with Erin Miller

Wednesday March 17, 2021

With all of the growth and interest in Midlothian, TX, we talk with Erin Miller about why this area is so sought after. From the raw land, to the proximity and top reasons like schools, Erin explains the buzz in Midlothian!

Ep6_New Communities Coming Soon in Midlothian with Erin Miller

S2 Ep6 Why Midlothian is a Housing Hot Bed (Erin MIller).mp3

Intro: [00:00:03] Welcome Home, a podcast brought to you by John Houston Homes. Join hosts, Chelsi Frazier and Whitney Pryor, as they walk you through the exciting adventure of your home buying and building journey.

Whitney Pryor: [00:00:19] What a great day for you to join us here on the Welcome Home Podcast. This is Whitney and I have Chelsi here with me. How are you doing Chelsi?

Chelsi Frazier: [00:00:26] Hi, everybody! I'm really good today.

Whitney Pryor: [00:00:29] Awesome! Who do we have on today?

Chelsi Frazier: [00:00:32] Our guest today is Erin Miller. She's a Sales Manager for John Houston Homes in the Midlothian area. We are talking about upcoming communities in the very busy and very fast growing city of Midlothian. We've got a lot to talk about today with Erin. Erin, welcome to the show!

Erin Miller: [00:00:49] Thank you, it's good to be here.

Whitney Pryor: [00:00:51] We are so excited to have her on. We have some new communities coming up in Midlothian that a lot of people have been asking about. We finally get to interrogate Erin on these different communities, so that people can find out all the details and know what's coming. You do live in Midlothian, right?

Erin Miller: [00:01:08] I do and I love it. I actually had bought a rental house there, sight unseen, probably 15 years ago.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:01:18] Wow.

Erin Miller: [00:01:18] Yeah, I never thought I would end up here. I did and I absolutely love it.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:01:23] You bought a rental while you were in California?

Erin Miller: [00:01:25] I did, yes. There was somebody that at the time couldn't sell their home. We were looking for properties to invest in and we invested in Midlothian.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:01:37] Very cool! We actually don't live too far from each other. What do you love about living in Midlothian? I could talk about it all day.

Erin Miller: [00:01:43] Well, I can too. when I first got here, I'll just tell you, I was so excited because everyone was just so nice. Everyone was welcoming, warm and it was like a family community. I just really, really enjoyed getting to know all of the people. They were also genuine. It was really nice to see. My first experience was going to one of our parades in the Midlothian, which was awesome.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:02:15] Was it the Christmas Parade?

Erin Miller: [00:02:18] It was actually the Fourth of July Parade. That was my first parade here. The Mayor at the time said, "hey Erin!"

Chelsi Frazier: [00:02:29] Oh my gosh!

Erin Miller: [00:02:30] I thought, wow, who would have thought the Mayor knows my name? Really, who would have had that opportunity? It's just the small things that I think we take for granted until you don't have them and then you realize, "oh, this is so amazing!" It was great.

Whitney Pryor: [00:02:50] Basically your whole family lives here now, right?

Erin Miller: [00:02:55] After I moved here, my husband came shortly after. One of my daughters moved here with her family and then my parents came here. When my son graduated from college, he came here, So the whole family's here now except for one.

Whitney Pryor: [00:03:17] I'm sure they were following you and not necessarily Midlothian.

Erin Miller: [00:03:22] They love Midlothian, they do.

Whitney Pryor: [00:03:24] That is so great to hear.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:03:25] Erin tell us, what is going on in Midlothian, because we are seeing a lot of growth with business, schools and families. I mean, elementary number 8, which is even weird to say.

Erin Miller: [00:03:39] Yes, coming down 14th Street.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:03:42] Opening next Fall, I think?

Erin Miller: [00:03:44] Yes.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:03:45] We just opened the 3rd Middle School last year and now they're adding on to the 2nd High School, more wings. What's going on? Why are we hustling and bustling in Midlothian do you think?

Erin Miller: [00:03:58] Our schools are great. People are doing their homework. They're coming for the great schools and the great town. We have a lot of parks. All of the baseball fields are going in right now. They're also doing a cross fit section.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:04:19] I didn't know that!

Erin Miller: [00:04:21] Yes, that they just announced and I walk there every day. I absolutely love it. You can get there from Dove Creek and Brandi Ridge.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:04:32] Yes, because 14th Street goes from 287 all the way down to McCalpin right now.

Erin Miller: [00:04:38] Correct.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:04:38] Eventually, it will connect to 875.

Erin Miller: [00:04:42] Yes.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:04:42] We don't know when, but eventually that will happen.

Erin Miller: [00:04:44] Correct, yep!

Whitney Pryor: [00:04:45] Also with Midlothian, you've got the great commute time as well because you're right there on different highways, right?

Erin Miller: [00:04:52] Exactly, yeah. You're close to the 35, the 287, and the 67. It is easy to get to Dallas and to Fort Worth.

Whitney Pryor: [00:04:58] That's how I know you're from California because you called it "the 35".

Erin Miller: [00:05:04] Sorry, I will camouflage it!

Chelsi Frazier: [00:05:12] We have a lot of different, awesome communities coming up. We haven't had a new communities in Midlothian in a year or 2, so it's really exciting because I think a lot of people have been waiting for these communities. Do you want to kind of tell us which ones are coming?

Erin Miller:[00:05:31] Sure and which ones are here!

Whitney Pryor: [00:05:33] Yes!

Erin Miller: [00:05:34] We have 3 communities on the South side of 287, just really centrally located kind of by 14th and McCalpin. In Stone Hollow, we've already started pre selling, but we do have 4 spec homes that we're going to start as soon as they deliver the community to us. If anyone is interested in that, I would be more than happy to share that information with them. They are beautiful homes that are going there. Also, they have a tree preservation in between the homes. The City of Midlothian wants to preserve our trees, which I think is a wonderful thing. I think it's going to be beautiful in the Spring and Summer. We will really get to enjoy the benefits of that.

Whitney Pryor: [00:06:25] I did drive out there the other day. It's beautiful. It's rolling Hill Country and you have the natural cedar trees on the back of a lot of the lots.

Erin Miller: [00:06:34] Right, even some large oaks. It's gorgeous. You have really close access there. If you took 875 to connect to the 35. That's one positive aspect about that area, that community. The other one that's coming up next, hopefully sooner than later, is Brandi Ridge. That is just right off of 14th Street and it is actually on the North side of McCalpin. Those lots are 1/3 of an acre to 1/2 of an acre.

Whitney Pryor: [00:07:11] That is a great size. A lot of people like that size.

Erin Miller: [00:07:14] It is. It's perfect for somebody who doesn't want the upkeep of a 1-acre lot, but wants some space, which most of us enjoy. That's a very big positive. All of those homes will be sidecar entry.

Whitney Pryor: [00:07:29] Great!

Erin Miller: [00:07:32] Yep! We haven't quite announced our plan lineup, but I think people are going to be excited when they hear. I'm looking forward to that.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:07:39] We got to leave something for you guys to come back and check in on.

Whitney Pryor: [00:07:44] Yeah, definitely check our website for that information because we post it as soon as we find out.

Erin Miller: [00:07:49] It has a beautiful entry already. They have a beautiful stone and brick entry all along 14th Street. It's very pretty.

Whitney Pryor: [00:07:58] On that lot size, with 1/3 to 1/2 acre in size and it being sidecar entry, will there be space to add a third car bay?

Erin Miller: [00:08:08] Definitely.

Whitney Pryor: [00:08:09] We get a lot of questions about is a lot big enough for a pool?

Erin Miller: [00:08:15] Definitely, yeah.

Whitney Pryor: [00:08:16] With that size, there's plenty of backyard space on most of the plans to add a little backyard oasis.

Erin Miller: [00:08:24] Yes, plenty of room!

Chelsi Frazier: [00:08:26] I know we talked about 14th Street a couple of times, but I want to point out the benefits of 14th Street. It will take you all the way up to 287 with just one or two to stop signs and no lights. Which is great, not to say there never will be lights. Also, that takes you almost right up to the new hospital.

Erin Miller: [00:08:53] It does. It's not very far from Midlothian Methodist, which is beautiful.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:08:59] It's very nice. which I think we can talk more about some of those amenities here in a minute. I wanted to point out that 14th Street will take you up behind Kroger. There is really convenient access there to go pick up your groceries.

Whitney Pryor: [00:09:11] About how many minutes do you think it is from the new hospital? Maybe5 5 or 10 minutes?

Erin Miller: [00:09:17] I would say so. I'd say at the very most. I'd say it's under 10 minutes, definitely.

Whitney Pryor: [00:09:21] Okay, that is really, really great. A lot of people want to live close to that hospital area.

Erin Miller: [00:09:26] Yes!

Chelsi Frazier: [00:09:26] Let's talk about Dove Creek Phase 2. We already have homes in Phase 1,that's been established and going on for a couple of years now, but Phase 2 is coming. I think it's been very anticipated, would you say?

Erin Miller: [00:09:37] It has been. We've been waiting for it patiently. It has a beautiful entry into Dove Creek, a really nice community already. We are going to be hopefully pre selling in April. That's tentative right now, but I believe we're almost there. Again, easy access to the park and just a beautiful neighborhood to walk in as well. It is very close to the schools. Eventually, we will have some sort of green space with parklike and trees. There is a walking path around the area right now, so people will really enjoy that once that is started there.

Whitney Pryor: [00:10:24] I know Chelsi drives by that area and she always comments on how many active community members there are walking around and walking their dogs.

Erin Miller: [00:10:35] Always. There's bike rides, walking, running and lots of dog walkers.

Whitney Pryor: [00:10:43] Didn't you say there were some neighbors that set up in the cul de sac with their pickleball?

Erin Miller: [00:10:48] Yes!

Chelsi Frazier: [00:10:49] Is that what it is?

Erin Miller: [00:10:49] Yes, they do.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:10:51] I don't even know what that is.

Erin Miller: [00:10:53] I'm not sure what it is either, but they do and they're enjoying themselves. It's great, we've even had some food trucks out there and some community get togethers with certain streets or neighborhoods, just a lot of really nice things.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:11:12] My best friend lives in Dove Creek, so not only do I pass by it, because I do take that shortcut through McCalpin to 875 quite often, but we went to Dove Creek to see her at Halloween and I just it was just so cute and so fun. The community had so many people out and families trick or treating. Like Whitney said, I always see people out there walking dogs, talking and mingling. It seems like a very friendly and welcoming neighborhood.

Erin Miller: [00:11:42] It really is. I can tell you that because I have several family members that live in Dove Creek. The neighbors are just wonderful. It's a great place for people to live, definitely.

Whitney Pryor: [00:11:54] Now, lot sizes for Dove Creek, they're going to be a little bit smaller than Brandy Ridge. They are not quite 1/2 an acre, but they are going to be a little bit larger than what you would see with some of those typical communities, right?

Erin Miller: [00:12:07] Right, almost all of our lots will definitely allow a 3rd car garage, depending on the plan that is selected for that lot. People can select their own plans for the lots. Also, I would say definitely be able to fit a pool. Some of the lots range from just under a 1/4 acre up to just under 1/2 of an acre, so there are some larger oversized lots.

Whitney Pryor: [00:12:34] Okay, there's a lot of different variety there, great!

Erin Miller: [00:12:36] There is plenty of space between you and your neighbor. There will be 3cul de sacs as well. If somebody would like to live in a cul de sac, this is a great neighborhood to get in on early to get your cul de sac lot picked out.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:12:53] Oh, I'm glad you said that to. That's what we've got coming very soon and now, but do we have anything coming up in the future that we should keep on our radar?Erin Miller: [00:13:04] We do, we have at least 2 more 1-acre lot communities. We have the next phase of La Paz, the last phase of La Paz, maybe in the Fall. We also have another one coming up probably next year. If people are looking for those 1-acre lots, we definitely have something coming on the South side of 287.

Whitney Pryor: [00:13:31] LaPaz Ranch has been really nice because, kind of like Stone Hollow, they've left a lot of natural trees and it is a really beautiful area.

Erin Miller: [00:13:41] They also had a tree preservation behind some of those lots as well. The neighbors there are great. I see them always hanging out together and having lawnmower races.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:13:58] Oh my gosh, only in Texas!

Erin Miller: [00:14:00] I know the driving lawn mower races. I thought during COVID that was just fun. I thought that was so fun.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:14:08] We've talked a lot about communities and I just can't get a Sales Manager in front of us and not pick your brain about things that customers ask for. Can we talk about floor plans and some common upgrades? What are some common things you see buyers upgrade on and ask for in their floor plan? Maybe that would give some people some ideas.

Erin Miller: [00:14:30] Sure, it's very common for them to ask to upgrade to wood flooring. That's probably the number one upgrade that people do or tile flooring, depending on what their preferences. I would say a higher percentage of my buyers do want the wood flooring. Another popular upgrade would be extended cabinets to the ceiling. I've seen them both ways. Some people like the glass doors and some people just like the solid upper door, so that's something else. A lot of people upgrade their back splashes. They put their own personal touches on it, so it makes it their home and their way. I've seen a lot of beautiful back splashes. Our Design Studio has so many to choose from and it's fun just looking at it

Whitney Pryor: [00:15:24] Drawers and drawers of back splash..

Erin Miller: [00:15:25] I know it's great, it's great! It makes me want to change my house all the time. I get to drool over everybody else's selections. Some of the other things that we have available are trash rollout's. It's nice having a built-in trash rollout. We also have the custom wood hoods. Those are beautiful, they really make a statement in a kitchen. Floor to ceiling fireplace, pho stone on the fireplace, that's another one that people typically like to upgrade to. Those are just a few things that are the main things that I see people upgrading.

Whitney Pryor: [00:16:10] Lately, I've seen homeowners do the ship lap fireplaces, where you wrap it in ship lap

Erin Miller: [00:16:16] Yes, those are some things that they get off of Pinterest and then we get to see what they come out like. They're beautiful, they really are. Our Design Team is great. They can walk future homeowners through the process and what looks good and what doesn't.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:16:36] There are so many options that no 2 homes will look alike, that's for sure.

Erin Miller: [00:16:42] Unless you go in someone's home and you fall in love with it and say, "Erin, what are all those selections? I want all of them." Done!

Chelsi Frazier: [00:16:53] Erin, thank you so much for joining us today.

Erin Miller: [00:16:55] You are so welcome, thank you for having me!

Chelsi Frazier: [00:16:56] Of course, you're welcome back any time. Hopefully we can get you back later this year or next year to talk about those upcoming 1-acre communities. You're just such a joy and I know your customers love you. They call you friend. We hear about you all the time, so just thank you so much.

Erin Miller: [00:17:13] Oh well thank you. I've enjoyed it!

Whitney Pryor: [00:17:15] We always hear about the great customer service that you extend to your customers and how much they love you. I really appreciate all you do for them and helping guide them into their new home. Thank you for listening in today. For more information on this episode, you can take a look at our show notes. We'll link to Erin's different communities in the show notes. We'd love to hear from our listeners. If you have any questions about the specific communities we talked about or you have any other questions about upgrades or options that are available with our homes, we're happy to help. You can join the discussion on Facebook or Instagram, and then you can also reach us through email at or call us at 866-251-0910. We look forward to you joining us again on the next episode of our podcast.

Chelsi Frazier and Whitney Pryor: [00:18:11] Welcome Home.

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