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S2 Ep1_2020 Year in Review with John Houston and Terry Trayvick

Wednesday January 6, 2021

On this episode we get to hear from our very own CEO and Founder, John Houston, and Terry Trayvick, Strategist for John Houston Custom Homes. Listen in as they share how the company navigated through the year of 2020, and how persevering through the many challenges and obstacles made us stronger and ready to face the new year with excellence.

Ep. 17_John Houston and Terry Trayvick

S2 EP 1_2020 Year in Review (John Houston and Terry Trayvick)

Intro: [00:00:03] Welcome Home, a podcast brought to you by John Houston Custom Homes. Join hosts, Chelsi Frazier and Whitney Pryor, as they walk you through the exciting adventure of your home buying and building journey.

Whitney Pryor: [00:00:18] Hey listeners, thanks for joining us on this episode of the Welcome Home Podcast. I'm Whitney and I've got Chelsi here with me. Chelsi, how did the end of this year just fly by?

Chelsi Frazier: [00:00:30] I have no idea, I feel like it should still be September. There's no way that the year should be wrapping up and ending, but we're ready for 2021. I think we're all ready for a new year.

Whitney Pryor: [00:00:40] Definitely. On that note, we've got some great guests on this episode. I've been really looking forward to it. Chelsi, why don't you tell us who we've got today?

Chelsi Frazier: [00:00:48] Today we have John Houston, founder and CEO of John Houston Custom Homes and The Family of Companies and Terry Trayvick, who is also a strategist for the John Houston Family of Companies. We've talked to John before, but we've never talked to Terry, and having them together is going to be a really great show. I'm super excited about the content we have today.

Whitney Pryor: [00:01:07] Welcome, John. Welcome, Terry.

John Houston: [00:01:09] Hey, guys, we're excited to be here.

Terry Trayvick: [00:01:11] Yeah, glad to be with you guys.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:01:14] John's here with us in person and we've got Terry joining us over the phone. They may sound a little different, but it's going to be a really good show and we've got lots of exciting content! We just want to talk to you guys today about 2020 year in review, where we've been, what's happened this year, how we've acted and reacted to things, and then what's ahead for 2021. Terry, since you're new to the show, can you just tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and your role with The JH Family of Companies?

Terry Trayvick: [00:01:45] Sure, I've been with John Houston for about 12 years now, playing the role of Strategist for the portfolio of the company. Prior to helping John, I had an extended career in Corporate America. I started off working with General Motors in Operations. I worked with Procter and Gamble as a Finance Executive. I moved on to a company called RR Donnelley,  which is the world's largest printing company, as a Finance Executive. I eventually led  Strategy for the majority of the company, and then got promoted to Global President for a 5,000 employee business with 40 locations around the world. I've had an exciting Corporate career, but nothing more exciting than working with the people here at John Houston Homes. I look forward to today's conversation.

Whitney Pryor: [00:02:34] Wow! I love the story of one of your first interactions with John. John, I would love for you to share with us how you and Terry met and what that first interaction was like.

John Houston: [00:02:47] That's a pretty crazy story. I'm always funny about titles like Chief Strategy Officer because here is what I can tell you, Terry does so much more than that. I am just so blessed and honored to get to serve with him and with you guys. The first time we actually met together was at the office. If you guys don't know me, I'm just kind of a boots, jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. That's pretty much what I wear every day, unless my wife tells me I need to dress up, then I'll put a collard shirt on. That's about how good as it gets. Terry shows up at the office with his three piece suit on. I've got my jeans, my boots and a t-shirt on. We have a great meeting that morning and I'm said, "hey man, let's take off, let's go to to lunch." I eat lunch at eleven o'clock, I know that's early. Anyway, he jumps in the truck with me, we're headed down the road in Waxahachie and and I go, "man, I forgot I have got to run by the Taxidermy real quick." Terry's just going along with it, he's from New Jersey, so we're just having some conversation. I get over to the Taxidermy and I say, "hey Terry, can you help me real quick? I need to get this deer out of the back of the truck." We walk back there and I can tell on Terry's face that he is thinking, what are we doing here? Come to find out later, Terry thinks we're actually going to the tax office. He didn't know what a Taxidermy was, so we show up, Terry helps me get this deer out of the truck and into the Taxidermy. We have literally laughed for 12 years since God did that. Only God can bring a guy from New York City, Manhattan, where he used to work, down here to Texas, to a redneck like me. Just to see what all God has done through that is pretty amazing, it's exciting.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:04:51] I love that story. I can only imagine what Terry was thinking- where am I? What am I doing?

Terry Trayvick: [00:04:58] I've been all over the world. I've been to Japan. I've been in Hong Kong. I've been to France. I've been all over the world on business. I've had a fortunate business career, but I can tell you I've never been to a taxidermist. I've never picked up a deer before with a three button suit and my best shoes on. When people see me and John, I'm 6' 5", African-American and John is Caucasian.

John Houston: [00:05:30] I'm pushing 5' 7".

Terry Trayvick: [00:05:31] I looked at John and I said, "only Christ could have brought us together."

John Houston: [00:05:35] That's right.

Terry Trayvick: [00:05:35] We've stuck with that story ever since. It gets better and better every time we tell it. 

John Houston: [00:05:41] It does man.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:05:41] I love it. We all know that 2020 has been quite the year, a lot has happened and there's so much that we could talk about, but our podcast is typically about 30 minutes at the most. We really just wanted to get you two together to talk about the year in review. We'll start back in early Spring, after COVID hit, and orders were coming down from the President and Local Government. We were told that construction is considered essential, so we were able to stay open as a Home Builder. Terry, this question is for you to start. How did you have to shift your focus because of this and did your priorities change?

Terry Trayvick: [00:06:18] I'm glad you asked that question, because I think it's a good example of how the things that you've done in the past, can pay dividends going forward. We sat down as an Executive Team and we thought about, okay, what is happening in this world with the pandemic. What is that going to mean to the housing market? I know people that listening know our story, as far as, we reach people for Christ and give to the Kingdom. I knew after the prayer with John, Chad, Tracy, Bobby, and other members of the Executive Team, that this was really an opportunity for us to show our faith and where God was taking us. One thing we know about God is despite what's happening around us, he has a plan for those who he cherishes and those who honor him. We've always honored him through our giving. We knew as an Executive Team that it might be a challenge, but that we're going to come out of it even stronger. We had no idea that everybody's going to go out to the suburbs and start buying houses, but we knew for sure that God was going to take care of it. We just didn't know how. There are a few things we had to talk through, whether we should go more aggressively or whether we should scale back. We made the decision to keep doing business the way we've always done. You guys played a big role in putting new procedures in place to deal with COVID, how we interact with customers, what we do in our Model Homes that make it easier for customers to feel safe and some of the things you guys did on the website. We did a number of things throughout the organization, but I would say just fundamentally, our attitude was we're going to trust God.

Whitney Pryor: [00:08:07] Wow, that's a really great answer. John, I would like for you to kind of give us your insight into that as well.

John Houston: [00:08:15] I actually looked at it and I went, "man, what's the odds of God giving us a business years ago, that would be in a time like this considered critically essential? That was one of the first things that hit me, that even the government recognizes that this business is critically essential and that God had positioned us to do this business. The other thing, just to second on what Terry said, was the first thing that went through my mind was what are other people doing? I started getting emails and phone calls from a lot of different builders, some way bigger than we are and some a little bit smaller than us. They were all asking, what are you doing? The difference of what was really sticking out to me was, there were so many people walking in fear and so many people walking in doubt. I knew builders literally that pulled everything back and just stopped construction. For us, I mean, we really just had this peace and our spirit of God saying, "hey, I led you here." I just began to really think about that and talked to the executive team and our leadership. We really began to reflect on where God has brought us. Four years ago, we started a process called Better Before Bigger with discipline, focus and unity. If you look at almost everything that drove us, obviously the Lord first, but everything that drove us through a successful 2020, was everything we did through better before bigger. We redid our website. We redid how our search engines work. We redid how you guys connect and interact with customers online. We had redone all of our processes, right? When we really started looking at that, Better Before Bigger helped us so much over the last four years. We could just get better and better and better at everything we were doing, so we could represent Christ in a more effective way, and give more to the kingdom. I was looking at it thinking, who would have ever thought that in the midst of this, that's a big part of what God was doing. He was preparing us for this. That's when we moved into the mending your nets where we were talking about God. If you remember, back in the in the Bible days when they were fishing, those nets where so tight. One of the main things they did was, they washed their nets and they mended them every day. They made sure they were tight and they were good, so that they didn't miss any of the harvest that was coming in. That's really what we did. We just went back to the Lord. We were like, look, God, this is your business. You tell us what we're supposed to do with it. When we as an Executive Team and  a Leadership Team prayed about it, the Lord said, "hey, did I not tell you what your plan was for the year way before this?" Then he said, "my plan didn't change, so keep doing what I told you to do." Now looking back on it, praise God we didn't pull back because God been so faithful. It's been a tough ride. It's been different. There are still challenges that we're facing every day, but it's been incredible to see our team step up. It's been incredible to see our systems, our processes and all those things really coming together for a time such as this, that God's glory can actually be seen, so it's exciting.

Whitney Pryor: [00:11:29] Yeah, definitely. I know we use our system daily, the Microsoft teams. We couldn't have known a year or two ago, that this was going to happen. It just shows you God's work. He's always going to be there and make sure that we can provide.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:11:47] I think it's crazy how, we had no idea that better before bigger, was kind of like we were in training for this. Who knew that going through all that work, processes and just kind of shoring things up ,was kind of preparing us, not that we handled everything 100%. We knew what to say and do for everything, but I think it gave us more skills and prepared us more for how to look at something, talk about it, work through it and all the angles. I think that that process that we went through really brought us a long way for for 2020.

John Houston: [00:12:29] Yeah, I think so. I'll just add one more thing to that. One of the things that I've really noticed this year as a leadership team is, we've really tried to push more stuff down and allow you guys to grow and develop as leaders yourself. I've really seen a huge impact on that this year. You guys were very well prepared for this year, as far as across all of our leadership teams. You've now seen the results of your leadership, which is awesome for me.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:13:02] Thank you.

Whitney Pryor: [00:13:03] Thanks. It seems like we had one week where things slowed down for a little bit in March, then all of a sudden, the floodgates just opened up. We all know that the New Home Construction in Texas has not really slowed down that much, it's ramped up. We saw the business kind of speed up there after that week in March. What kind of impact did that have on our business and how did we have to adjust to that?

Terry Trayvick: [00:13:29] Yeah, as you said, the business just took off. Many people moving from the suburbs. The interest rates went down in order to keep the economy going. Existing homes kind of froze for a while ,so people can go and buy existing homes. All of this stuff all of a sudden rapidly started picking up. We had to do, was to have the mindset to make sure that we gave people the resources they needed to get their job done. You guys, again, providing all the stuff that you did, hiring new builders, going into new communities and making sure our bank relationships were tight and ready for the budget. Quite frankly, we really haven't missed a beat. The entire organization has stepped up. Every person has stepped up in the organization to do the job they had to do, despite COVID causing us to have some people work from home. It was just like with as John said, I think all of the work that we had done on culture, all the work we've been doing around putting processes in place, building trust and unity- that enabled us to be able to do whatever we need to do from anywhere, any home, and allowed people to manage their family situation with their kids home. If you think about all this stuff happening in the background, we were able to continue to persevere through all of that. I think the impact that we're really seeing is what's possible for us as a team. I think what this is really doing, is getting us ready for that next frontier. As we go to the next level, a thousand houses and beyond, we can see that we have so much more capacity based on the challenges that we've face. It's usually the challenges that prepare us for the future. I think it is those challenges. The impact is on the organization of every individual person. They help us know what's possible going forward. I've never been as excited about the future of this company than I am right now.

John Houston: [00:15:35] Yeah, that's the same with me. One of the things that I was thinking about when you were talking to was Terry, you've been here a long time and a lot of our staff have been here for a long time. Some of the areas we used to struggle with the most was our our processes and our systems, specifically I.T.. The reason why we struggled with that is because as we grew, we had to change the way we were thinking. We had to change the way we were getting information and we couldn't get it fast enough. Part of Better Before Bigger was really not giving our staff an option to do it another way. We wouldn't let them do it outside the system, which has  allowed our our data to actually get better and more accurate. This has allowed us to respond to our customers, our subs, our suppliers and each other faster. I look at that and think, that was key to what you guys were able to pull off this year, because you were having data almost real time. When I say almost that's because it's within 15 minutes, I think is where we're at today. I think that played a huge part in it. I also think, like Terry was saying, all of our leaders and all of our staff had to be united. This is where we're going, we're going to do it together and we're going to make sure that the information continues to get more and more accurate.

Whitney Pryor: [00:16:57] I know I saw it on on my side with Online Sales and having those phone calls come through. At first, we didn't know how people were going to respond, react or if they wanted to be in the Model Home. We were able to hear that from them and find out what they were comfortable with, so we could communicate that to the sales manager. We made sure that everything we were doing in our models was what the customers were wanting so that they felt safe, which was a big deal for us.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:17:27] I think if we didn't have that team mentality, what Terry spoke about with the culture,   really working hard on that as leaders in the company and passing that on, we wouldn't have been able to come together and say, okay, well, you can't come into the model, no problem. Here's how we can handle that. Speaking on systems, this is ours together to figure out, get right and do it the same way. As far as culture and how we were prepared to handle it, I think that definitely, if we didn't have that team mentality and work together, that would have put a big kink in it. I feel like we were really prepared on that.

Terry Trayvick: [00:18:04] One more thing on that, in a crisis, you can't wait for the leader to make it. We had a crisis and it was clear that everybody was in power based on their roles, responsibility or experiences to just jump in and do what they needed to do in order to keep this organization going. Each of our employees did just that. I just wanted to put that extra emphasis on empowerment. We were able to execute because each of you guys and the rest of the organization.

John Houston: [00:18:38] Yeah, what's interesting about that Terry, is that a lot of times that is actually when you see your next level leaders rise up. The people you may not have known were leaders. all of a sudden they raise up and they begin to lead even when their title doesn't say they were supposed to be leading. I always love that because those are some of our greatest leaders in this organization. That's how they became leaders because when we were going through something, they made the decisions, they made them right and they continued to move forward with a great, positive attitude.

Whitney Pryor: [00:19:14] John, how do you feel our mission and core values played into the way the company was able to navigate through this year? 

John Houston: [00:19:22] Here's what I can tell you. I always love it when people ask me that question because one of the things that I've learned over the years is that our vision of reaching people for Christ and giving to the Kingdom and our core values, they don't change. What happens is a lot of times our markets, our systems, all these things, all the people around us, they change, but our purpose, our vision and our core value, it doesn't change. What I've seen over the years is a lot of times when people face a pandemic like this or they face some kind of other event that is impacting their business, they allow that event to actually impact their decision making. From my experience, I think a lot of times that's when you make the wrong decision because you're making it out of fear, you're making out a doubt and you're making it out of unknowns. I know is if my faith, my hope, my trust is in Christ, I know he's the one that's called me and called us to go reach people for Christ and give the Kingdom. Guess what? It's not my responsibility to make it happen. It's not your responsibility to make it happen. It's his responsibility to make it happen. It's just our responsibility to seek him, follow him and do the best we can. I don't want to send the message, everything we do is perfect. We're humans, we fall, we make mistakes, and we sound just like everybody else does. We have to continue to get better. We have to continue to strive to represent Christ to the best of our ability. I think that's huge. The other thing that I really, really loved was that it opened up a door. One of the things that we did was called Hope Outbreak. Where that came from was seeing some of our staff and even myself. There was a day I came in the office one day and in all honesty, I wasn't very hopeful that day because I was tired. I was like, man come on, let's be done with this, you know? Literally, one of our staff gave me an encouraging word. They didn't even know where I was. That's when it hit me. You know what, it takes all of us to speak hope into each other. That's when the Lord took me to 1 Peter 3:15-16 that says: always be prepared to give a word for the hope that is within you with a clear conscience. I love that because as a Christ follower, as a CEO, as a leader, it is my responsibility to come prepared to give you, to give your families, to give your friends and to give our customers the hope that's within me. If I don't see the hope, if I don't see the good, how am I going to share it? I'm not going to. That's when it really started hitting me, that's my responsibility as the leader. I've got to be the one to lead that charge, right? I started thinking about it. Chelsi, you have a husband at home, you have kids at home, you have other family and friends that you interact with outside the office. If we can share hope with you, then you can share hope with them. All of a sudden, that's how it spreads, right? For us, that's where we had Hope Outbreak. We had a lot of our social media posts. Bobby Parks, our Chief Ministry Officer, had put together a Fun Committee. The fun committee was intended to make it fun. Let's come up with fun stuff we can do even in the midst of a pandemic. We can laugh together and we can have fun together. They could give you your favorite candy and coke one day. Whatever it was, just trying to add some fun in the midst of this craziness.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:22:58] Thank you, John. Terry, what are your thoughts on this?

Terry Trayvick: [00:23:02] Yes, as far as the mission and the core values, I think it played a lot into this year. I reflect back on all the decisions you had to make. As an example, we believe in lifelong relationships, as you guys know is one of our tenants. When COVID hit, one of the first thing that we decided on was, do we let people work from home? Of course we do because this is who we are. We know that many people had children at home who were no longer in school and didn't know what to do with them for daycare purposes. With our technology, we were able to do it. Of course, we're going to do that. The second thing, is because people are working from home and who we are, we want to stay in communication. We used our technology, as you guys recall, to frequently communicate with people using our Microsoft Team. We were communicating on a daily basis for a while, talking about where things stood, communicating what's going on from health advisers in our communities and things like that. We always stay connected. That was part of who we were and that's part of who we are as an organization. COVID didn't stop us from doing that. In fact, we created more tools to be able to do that even better going forward. Of course, we're going to always protect our people. We always have your back. We always told you to just follow whatever your local health advisor said. We all know that there is political stuff going on in our in the world, but we never let that come in the way of the right decisions for people. We just communicate the truth, the facts, and try to educate all of our employees as much as possible. That's part of our mission, to reach people for Christ. You can't reach people for Christ if you're not always being honest, truthful and caring for them. I think this year is just an example, again, of all the seed we've planted around who we are as an organization. I think that was reflected in our behaviors over the last year.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:25:07] Yes, we definitely felt it as soon as employees. We felt that there was an increase in employee support throughout that time. I think I can speak for everybody in extending our thanks for that because we felt it for sure. It was it was what we needed and it was what got us through.

Whitney Pryor: [00:25:23] As we wrap up 2020 and strategically plan for 2021, can you share some things that are ahead for John Houston Custom Homes and the Home Building Industry? We can start with you, John.

John Houston: [00:25:36] Yeah, I think one, we're really in a great position on lots. There's a lot of builders that are really struggling with that. I'm not saying we can't use more, we will always buy more. If you have any out there that you want to sell, feel free to call us.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:25:49] We'll give the number at the end.

John Houston: [00:25:52] We're always looking for more lots. I think that's one of our largest challenges as a Home Builder, but what we are sitting a really good position. We've got a great future over the next 3 years. We do have some other opportunities that we've actually already started, with doing some single family detached or Townhouses. I think there's a lot of other opportunities out there. We have a Development Company. The Development Company is doing really well, so we're sitting in a great position there. I also think, one of the things that I probably get the most excited about is the market that we're in. Who would have thought 15 years ago that the Southern portion of the Metroplex is where God would have wanted us? What most people don't know is, the Southern portion of the Metroplex was actually one that they said, was one of the hardest places in the United States to build and be profitable. Today, I talked to our lumber salesman ,who also sells to some of the largest builders in the country. He said that our market, the Southern part of Dallas, right now is the hottest place in the country and the hottest place in Dallas Fort Worth. That's not something we could have planned. I actually believe our greatest days by far are ahead of us, not behind us. One of the the things that we're going to really work on and I'll let Terry speak to this, is the strategy piece. I know where God's really laying my heart is that we've got to do a better job of really preparing our staff, really creating a JH experience for them from the time they begin the interview process all the way through the time they retire, really walking through that and just really pouring in to you guys, really teaching you, training you and preparing you to have a legacy for your life and for your family for generations to come. We really believe you keep God first, keep your family second and the business will take care of itself. That's one of the areas we want to get better at. One of the areas that we're going to be really working on is how do we how do we get better at that? How do we better communicate it? In all honesty, some people may like this and some people don't. Sometimes we get too Christianese, as people in the church, if you know what that word means. If you've never been a Christ follower and you walk into a church, half of the time you can't understand half of what they're saying. You think, I don't even know what you're talking about, right? Sometimes I can do that. That's one of the things Aunie, Terry and some of our team have really helped me with to think about, how do we how do we love all people? How do we live and lead with love, justice and righteousness in every area of our life and represent Christ in those areas? That's one of the biggest things that we're going to be working on strategically, because, as you guys know, we sold the company to you guys in January. That's one of the biggest responsibilities God's really laid on my heart. How do we prepare you and your families to really steward that well, the blessings that God is giving you through that. Terry, you want to add anything to that?

Terry Trayvick: [00:28:56] I will just build on what you said. John is talking a lot about culture and what we're going to do next year. As you guys know, culture follow strategy. If you don't have the right culture it will eat your strategy alive. You'll never get to where you want to be without the right culture. That's a very important piece of what we're going to do. The other thing I'll mention is that with all the great stuff we've done to date, we are still just scratching the surface. Our outlook is so positive, there's so much more opportunity. I just get more and more thrilled about it every day. We've got several growth initiatives that we have underway. We have traditional initiatives like building houses the way we always have. We got some technology ideas. We got some stuff that you guys are leading in Marketing that I'm excited about. We got several optimization initiatives from Rodney Marshall and his team. He pulled together a team of people throughout the organization that lifted millions of dollars of opportunities and savings that will help strengthen the ESOP for the company that you guys now own. Finally, unless you service the customer, none of that matters. We've got several things that we're doing. First of all, getting our employees additional training. Also, to make sure that our cycle times and how quickly we get the customers through the process, so they can get into the homes of their dreams, from a service perspective. We have several things going on there. We just have growth optimization and service initiatives. The future is bright is the point I'm making. We've come a long way, but we have so many more opportunities. I'm really excited about where we are and what we're going to be doing the next year and beyond.

Whitney Pryor: [00:30:43] Now, just as a final note Terry, what would you say to the young person or young couple in the Dallas Fort Worth area that are looking to purchase a home?

Terry Trayvick: [00:30:52] Now is a great time! Interest rates are at an all time low. At John Houston Homes, we have a range of products that range from Townhomes all the way up to 4 or 5 bedroom houses, in a market that still has relatively good pricing compared to the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth market. I encourage you to look us up at and look at our catalog of options for you. I'm sure you'll find something you'll be thrilled with and we'd be more than happy to take care of you.

Chelsi Frazier: [00:31:30] Thank you, Terry. John, a closing question for you as well. What advice would you give to a business entrepreneur or someone thinking about starting off their business in very early stages?

John Houston: [00:31:42] I would say, it's the same advice I'm giving my kids right now. I've got an 18 year old daughter and a 22 year old son, both of them have a little bit of business drivein them. I basically just tell them to just seek the Lord. I don't want that to sound like a preachy question, but here's the deal, when you know your purpose, the vehicle that God uses to get you there can change it. If you feel like God is telling you to start a certain business and you know the purpose and why he wants you to start it. For me, to reach people for Christ and give the Kingdom, that's why I can have we can have 6 or 7 different businesses, because the mission of all of those are the same. The purpose for all of those are the same. It's just the vehicle looks a little different. Sometimes I think people get so wrapped up in the vehicle, which is the business. They get so wrapped up in, am I getting this exactly right? Sometimes it's just stepping out and going and doing it. If you feel like that's what God's telling you to do, you may not understand it. It's just like when we started the Home Building business, which was the first business we started, who would have thought one of the worst places you could build in the United States is now where God has blessed us the most, you know? I just encourage them , that young entrepreneur, get your ducks in a row. What I mean by that is have a plan, have a business plan, have a budget, have an idea where you're going and what you feel like God is asking you to accomplish. Also, don't be afraid to surround yourself with the right people. Know what you're good at, know what you're not good at and be okay with that. For me, I'm very much a visionary, right? People like Terry, people like my wife, our CIO and CFO. I know when you're starting off, you can't have all those, but you can find somebody that knows more about it than you do. That's what I had to do. I had to find people in the beginning that knew more about finance and accounting than I did. I would just say, hey, can I buy your lunch and ask you questions? I think by taking those steps, you can actually be very successful. I wouldn't operate in fear because fear alters your judgement, so just take a step, breathe if you feel like you God's telling you to do, man take off.

Whitney Pryor: [00:33:56] Those are great words of encouragement. Well, that wraps up this episode. Thank you for joining us today to hear about our year in review at John Houston Custom Homes. We'd love to hear from you about this episode. Visit us at or give us a call at 866.646.6008. You can also check us out on Facebook or Instagram. We can't wait for you to join in on the next episode.

Chelsi Frazier and Whitney Pryor: [00:34:23] Welcome Home.



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