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ANNOUNCEMENT: We're Launching a Podcast!

Friday May 29, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: We're Launching a Podcast!

It begins with a spark of joy. A rush of adrenaline. A vision of what’s possible. And for many, it’s part of the American Dream: the opportunity to buy and own a brand new home.

But from scouting neighborhoods in your car to getting a final handshake with a front door key, the entire journey to homeownership can feel like one long shopping trip. That’s why John Houston Custom Homes is launching the Welcome Home Podcast!

We can hardly wait to share with our audience how easy we’ve made it at John Houston Custom Homes for our customers to become homeowners in north and central Texas. Our goal is to demystify the entire home-buying and home-building process. We believe this journey can and should be a stress-free, exciting adventure, not a long and scary checklist full of pitfalls, snags, and bumps along the way.

The Welcome Home Podcast is going to bring you--our audience-- interviews with a wide range of people who we hope will inspire and educate you toward home-ownership. You’ll hear from key members of our own John Houston Custom Homes team, our amazing contractors, mortgage professionals, experts across the entire home-building industry, and of course from happy home-owners themselves!

As Marketing Managers at John Houston Custom Homes, we get the privilege of working with community sales managers, realtors and future homeowners to help them understand the process, the communities, the floor plans and other options available to them as they make important decisions about where they want to live and what home style fits best for them.

You can find episodes on all the major podcast directories and platforms every first and third Monday of the month beginning on June 1! We hope you'll enjoy listening as much as we enjoy talking!