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5 Spring Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Yard - Landscaping Made Easy

Tuesday May 7, 2019

5 Spring Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Yard - Landscaping Made Easy

While a Texas winter can just seem like a cold spring, now is the time to put some extra care into your yard. Are you ready to put in the effort it takes to have a lush, green lawn? One that you can walk around in with your bare feet, throw a ball to the dog, or sit back and relax with friends? These 5 tips for spring lawn care will help get you on the right track and make your home landscaping the envy of the neighborhood.


Winter can leave your bermuda lawn looking tired and worn out. Here's 5 quick tips you can do this Spring to get your lawn looking green, lush and vibrant:

  1. First, give your lawn a light raking. This will lift up matted grass and aerate the soil so air and sunlight can get to the soil.
  2. Seed bare and thin areas early. You want to get those spots seeded as soon as possible as bare spots are areas where weeds like to sprout first. It might help to use a combo Weed and Seed product for best results and to keep dandelions from taking over your yard.
  3. Get your soil tested. Your soil might be missing basic nutrients or have a poor pH, which can affect your lawn's overall health and look. Check in your area for nurseries or lawn care or landscaping companies that will send samples out for you. You can also shop for do-it-yourself kits as an alternative.
  4. Fertilize early. If you didn't fertilize in mid to late fall, your lawn will be looking for food.  Fertilizing now will stimulate both above and below ground to help with early spring growth.
  5. Make your first cut short, about 1 -1 ½ inches. This will cut away some of the dead grass left over from last fall. It will also allow sunlight to warm up the soil faster, stimulating grow and allowing sunlight to reach newly forming grass blades.

A little effort now, and some easy maintenance later will allow you and your family to enjoy your yard all summer long.