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Why Buy New? 4 Great Reasons From JHCH

Thursday September 8, 2016

Real estate is a hot topic these days in North Texas. If you aren't in the market to buy a new home, chances are that with the current state of the housing market, you have at least thought about buying a new home. If you are one of the many who has decided to buy, the next question is do you buy a new or used home? While there are definitely advantages to both, I have compiled a list for you as to why buying new is the way to go.

4 Great Reasons From JHCH

1. Choosing a Floor Plan That Fits Your Needs
If you are searching for a used home, you could search endlessly for a home that has all you want. A lot of times you end up having to compromise some aspect of your wish list because old homes are not made to order. One of the best things about buying new, is choosing a floor plan that fits yours and your families needs. At John Houston Custom Homes, we have a variety of floor plans in a wide array of elevations and in many different communities to choose from. We can help you find the right plan for you and get you started on building your dream home today. 

4 Great Reasons From JHCH
2. New Home Warranty
One of the joys of buying a new home is the sense of security that comes along with everything being new. When you purchase a used home, there is no telling how long you have until major items such as a water heater or the roof need replacing. With a new home, there is some relief knowing that you have years before such items need replacing and in the instance that they need replacing sooner than expected, often their is a builder or manufacture   warranty  in place. There are many costs associated with a buying a home and you don't want replacing big ticket items to buy one of them. 
4 Great Reasons From JHCH
3. Energy and Cost Savings
Today's homes are made to meet higher energy efficiency standards than older homes. Purchasing a new home built with better insulation, windows and appliances can be a huge monthly and ultimately long term savings for you. Speak to a   John Houston Custom Homes  Sales Manager today to learn more. 
4 Great Reasons From JHCH
4. Nothing Beats That New Home Feel
I don't know that there is anything more fun than a blank canvas. So much possibility and so many ways to make it your own. That's one of the greatest joys of a new home. There may be some things you have to settle with in a used home but a new home is just like that blank canvas. Its a great way for you and your family to make it your own from the get go. Call us today at   866.646.6008 to find out the perfect   new home  for you. #buildyourstorywithus 
4 Great Reasons From JHCH