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Tips On Tuesday: 5 Ways To Make Your Home More Welcoming

Tuesday January 26, 2016

Have you ever walked into a house and immediately felt at home? That welcoming feel is unmistakable but it might be difficult to put your finger on what makes it so. Whether you are in the market to sell your house or you just want to set that welcoming mood for you and your guests, here are a list of 5 ways you can do just that.

1. Use Light and Color to Draw Guests In
Light has a lot to do with the mood of your home. When you first walk into your home, if there isn't a source of natural light at the opposite end of the entry way, create an accent wall across the room that will draw your eyes inward. Light has a tendency to draw people toward it and it will do the same to draw your guests in. 

Make Your Home More Welcoming
A perfect example of this is our new model home in  Hickory Creek  in Red Oak. Both the window and the pop of color on the red accent wall draw you in through the entry way. If you'd like to see more of this beautiful home, check out our newest 3D Tour   here.
2. Don't Obstruct Your Homes Natural Traffic Flow
Maybe Fung Shui isn't your thing but there is something to be said about not obstructing the natural flow of traffic in your home. Having to walk around large,  out of place pieces of furniture in order to get from point A to point B is the opposite of welcoming. This tells your guests I have purposely set up blockades to keep you from coming any further into my space. How do you know if you're obstructing the flow? Take a walk around your home. As you walk from one room to the next, is it open? Is anything blocking out a natural light source that could be moved out of the way? Did you have to move a chair out of the way in order to sit at the table? These are all good things to take into consideration.
Make Your Home More Welcoming
Take a look at this living room in our   Badger Ranch  model in Waco. This living space allows for clear access to any point of the room from any angle while being both open and intimate. You can also check out more of this beautiful home in the 3D Tour shown   here.
3. Make Your Furniture Your Own
It's easy to walk into a furniture store and buy a furniture set already put together for you. But adding personalized pieces or fun accent pieces will make it feel more like home and not like you just relocated the furniture from the store to your home.
Make Your Home More Welcoming
This fun arm chair in our   Windchase  model and mixed wood pieces makes you feel as if the pieces have been collected over time. Perhaps there is a story of how the homeowner came to buy that piece or perhaps it was passed down from a family member. It creates conversation and a warm homey feeling. Don't miss our Windchase 3D model tour   here.
4. Layer Textures and Patterns
Layering textures and patterns in a room make it come alive! It adds depth and character to a room and gives the eye more to look at. Layering says come in for awhile, take a look around and get comfortable. This can be a challenge for some but a look inside our models like our   Springfield Lakes  model in Waxahachie will give you a great idea of what this looks like. Check out more of this beautiful model in our   3D Tours.
Make Your Home More Welcoming
5. Don't Forget The Exterior
Your front door is a great way to add a personal touch to your home and make it more inviting. A brightly painted front door, a homemade wreath, or some greenery on your porch are all easy ways to make your home say, "come on in!"   Pinterest  is a great tool to find easy, inviting ideas for the front of your home. If people don't feel welcome when they walk up to your door, they may have already made up their mind if they will feel welcome when they come in.
If you like the tips you've read today, check back every other Tuesday for more just like it!