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Termites: Is Your Home Protected?

Monday April 4, 2016
Is Your Home Protected
Termites. They are all over the news, your neighbors are talking about them, they are springing up throughout North your home protected from them? Termites typically go unnoticed until the real damage has been done which is why pre-treatment is an absolute must in protecting your home from these destructive insects. At John Houston Custom Homes, we make sure your home is protected before completion and that you have the ongoing tools necessary to make sure it stays protected with   Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.  
Is Your Home Protected

A new John Houston Custom Home is pre-treated to prevent termites at framing with a low dose insecticide to ensure your home will be protected from the start. Your home will also be fitted with Sentricon Termite Control stations that will create a protective barrier ring around your home. Even better, its safer for your family and pets since there is no insecticide being sprayed. This method is better for the structure itself as there is no digging into your foundation or trenching in your landscaping. Sentricon, a greener option, cleverly baits the termites around your home through the bait within the stations surrounding your home.  


Sureguard Termite & Pest Services smart approach to preventing and treating this pesky problem is exactly why John Houston Custom Homes has partnered with them to help protect the future of your home. If your home is not protected, call Sureguard at 855.688.4000 to schedule your free termite inspection and start today. To learn more about Sureguard and the Sentricon system of Termite Control, visit